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Easy steps to claim your property insurance


Why do you need insurance for your property, all the things that you have definitely have value to you, a good level of value that there is a very valuable and mediocre. But what happens if your precious property affected or disaster? of course you will be made uneasy by her. Here, the role is very instrumental property insurance, because you do not have to worry about the damage to your property, because you can make a claim against damage.

In making the claim has terms and conditions that apply which had previously been agreed upon by both parties. Thus there are procedures that must be done before you make claims adjuster, usually you will be assisted by your insurance agent, so do not be confused.
Amount of money that you can claim as stated in your insurance policy. Many of the benefits that you get after getting your insurance money to repair the damage done and restore the financial condition after the affected areas.
Here are steps you can take before the insurance claim:

1. Report within 3 X 24 hours
After the incident as soon as you report the incident that occurred on the insurer in this case your insurance agent. Since this report is still a preliminary report so you can report on an agent can be through oral, written in the form of a letter, fax, email or other. It will be assisted by your agent to make an insurance claim, and you will be accompanied by an insurance agent until the problem is finished

2. Report the total loss
Make a written report on the damage and losses caused by such events include:
a. The place, date and time of occurrence of events
b. The cause of the incident
c. Estimated amount of loss you are accompanied by proof of the goods were damaged
Do not forget to include your contact number so that information readily available to facilitate your claim process

3. Complete supporting documents
Supporting documents here to simplify the claim process your order immediately liquid funds coverage.

Once you have done the above process then the insurance company began to work, including:
1. Conduct research Policy
2. The study claims
3. Appointment Loss Adjuster

In this stage, the analysis of whether the claim lodged a case of simple or complex. If it falls into a complicated case it will take a long time. And the value of the claim amount will be carried out by a loss adjuster appointed by the insurance your knowledge.