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Prioritizing pumps and filters in swimming pool maintenance


Having a swimming pool in the yard is very pleasant indeed. Many interesting activities that can be done if we have a pool at home alone. Perhaps the many family activities going on around the pool so not only as a family room just like a TV room, a kitchen, or a dining table only.

Think if you need to have a pool house or yard is maintenance. The pool is very sensitive to dirt, germs and others. Imagine if you are not routine in caring for the pool, there will be a lot of dirt, moss will grow around the pond and will certainly bring many diseases at home. Instead of beauty, comfort and pleasure that you get, it is precisely the difficulties and troubles coming. Even if the damage is too severe and dirt in the pool, repair and maintenance costs will be more expensive.

Perform routine maintenance on your pool, if you have accumulated will be much more efficient and a lot of the benefits that you will get. The actual cost of care is not expensive, there are lots of shops selling various kinds of needs for treatment pond at wholesale prices. Cleanliness of the water is the main thing to be a priority in the care of the pool. Air circulation depends on filters and pumps that keep the water clean, and it becomes the most important thing in the treatment pond. Do not worry for the equipment necessary for the maintenance of pumps, for example you can find in the wholesale pool pumps and filters, and you will get the ease with their delivery service.

Here are the kinds of swimming pool filter pump:

  1. Sand Filters, Using sand is placed in a tube as a media filter water
  2. Cartridge Filters, using the paper as a cartridge-type filter media which has the same qualities as a sand filter system.
  3. De Filters, using diatomaceous earth as a water filter media. Diatomaceous earth is mined from fossilized exoskeletons that has a type of diatom very small. Usually used to coat the mesh filter in the house and actually have a very fine sieve to filter out impurities.


The rest of the pool maintenance like cleaning out your home bathroom, the difference is in the filter and water circulation. Hopefully this article useful and good to swim and have fun